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Fit 4 Instructor Training

PPFS In Class Certification - FAQs

Who can take the PPFS course?
Anyone who has a sincere interest in the subject matter is welcome.  Although the focus is on fitness and yoga, a variety of health & wellness providers (registered massage therapists, physiotherapists, pilates instructors etc) attend the course for continuing education.

Who can be certified as a PPFS?
We require proof of a certification or degree in a field that permits you to teach fitness, aqua fitness, yoga or Pilates, or that allows you to do personal training.  If you are looking to become a certified fitness professional, we recommend INFOFIT, our preferred School for Fitness Professionals.

What counts as a 'base fitness certification'? 
We accept the following as a base fitness certification: NFLA (I.E. BCRPA, AFLCA), CanFitPro, ACE, NASM, Infofit, ISSA, Canadian Online Fitness Education, CFES, Yoga Alliance, YogaFit, Stot Pilates, Basi Pilates, American College of Sports Medicine, Degree in Kinesiology or Degree in Physical Education.

If you hold a base certification that is not included in the list above, please send a copy of your scope of practice to instructortraining@fit4two.ca for approval. 

Can I take this course by online?
Yes! Click here for details.

Is the PPFS approved by the Government for funding?
If you are registered in a government funded retraining program, and need our course to be approved for provincial funding, please call 604-719-7981.

Do I have to become a Fit 4 Two® Franchisee to take the PPFS course?
No.  The PPFS course is open to all.  Hundreds of people have taken the PPFS course.  Our Franchise opportunities are for people who want to start a Fit 4 Two® Pre and Postnatal Fitness business in their community.  Learn more about the Fit 4 Two® Franchise here.

If I take this course does that make me a Fit 4 Two® Franchisee?
No.  The PPFS course and our franchise opportunities are two separate entities.  Learn more about the Fit 4 Two® Franchise here.

After successfully completing the exam, what will my title be?
You will be a Certified Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist.  This is often shortened to PPFS.

What happens if I do not get 80% on the exam?
You can chose to re-write the alternate PPFS exam for a $40 re-write fee.  You can write the exam at the next scheduled course or arrange for a proctor in your community.  Details here.

What is the PPFS exam pass/fail rate?.
96% of our students pass the PPFS exam

After successfully completing the exam, can I use the registered trade name Fit 4 Two® in my title or to describe the classes I am teaching?
No.  Only Fit 4 Two® Pre and Postnatal Fitness Inc and Fit 4 Two® franchisees may use our registered tradename for business purposes. The PPFS Course is for knowledge and CECs only.  Your title will be, "Certified Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist." 

Is Fit 4 Two® looking for instructors?
We are always on the lookout for amazing contract instructors.  Please contact the Fit 4 Two® franchisee nearest you to inquire about opportunities.

What insurance do you recommend instructors purchase?
Based on customer service and price, we recommend Stevenson & Hunt. You can also contact your local provider and ask for a quote.  

How do I renew my certification?
Your Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certification issued by Fit 4 Two® Pre and Postnatal Fitness is valid for 1 year.  Fit 4 Two® will send you a reminder and renewal form via email 6-8 weeks before your certification expires.  It is your responsibility to complete this form and return it to Fit 4 Two® on or before your expiration date.  In addition, you will need to send in current copies of your Group Fitness/Personal Trainer Registration and proof of 2 CECs related to pre and postnatal fitness.  The current renewal fee is $19.00. Find out more here.

Why do I have to renew my PPFS?
Renewal ensures that all PPFS are continuing their education and therefore satisfies the requirements of most insurance policies.

How can I get the 2 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) required for renewal?
Renewal requires completing 2 CECs (Continuing Education Credits) related to pre or postnatal fitness. We offer many online workshops that fulfill this requirement. Attending a Fit 4 Two conference is also a good option to complete 2 CECs. We accept CECs from other conferences and workshop providers as long as 2 full hours related to pre or postnatal fitness are completed. If you are not sure if your CECs will count for our CEC requirement, please contact instructortraining@fit4two.ca with a description or link for your course.

How do I reactivate my certification if it has expired?
You can reactivate your certification by reading the most current version of the PPFS Course Manual and successfully completing our PPFS exam with 80% or more. There is a $99 reactivation fee that includes access to the current PPFS course materials online, the PPFS exam and your renewal fee. More information about the reactivation process can be found at the bottom of our renewal page here.

Where can I sign up for PPFS certification?
Register for in class certification here. Register for online certification here.

What is your refund policy?
Registrants who give at least 2 weeks notice will be given the opportunity to take the course online.  Refunds are not available.

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"Thank you so much for the excellent course and useful information that I am already sharing with my pregnant or postpartum friends."

-Ema G., PPFS Student