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Fit 4 Instructor Training

The PPFS Certification Process - Online

Step One: Log into your Skyprep account and access your course.

Step Two: Read the current Fit 4 Two® PPFS Course Manual.  You can view it in skyprep or download a copy to your computer.  You are also permitted to print one personal copy.

Step Three: Successfully (80%+) complete the related online assignments in Skyprep within 3 months of purchase.  Completed assignments are marked and processed automatically for immediate results.  You have two chances to achieve 80% on each assignment. 

Step Four: Schedule your exam at least 10 business days ahead and send copies of your fitness certifications to instructortraining@fit4two.ca 

You have two options for writing your exam during COVID-19 

1. Book Fit 4 Two® proctor: Exams are proctored via Zoom Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:00pm.  Contact us with your preferred date and time.
3. Have an adult bubble member proctor it for you:  Exams are done online so you will need access to a computer and the internet. Once you have agreed on a date, time and location for your exam with your proctor, you can submit your PPFS Exam Request onlinePlease do not send request by email.  We need you to use the provided form.

Step 5: Successfuly (80%+) complete the closed book PPFS exam.  Exams are now completed online.  You will need access to a computer and the internet when writing your exam.  Completed exams will be marked and processed automatically for immediate results.  The automated 'certificate' that you recevied is not your official certificate.  It is just proof of your CECs.  If you have submitted copies of your fitness certification, your official PPFS certificate will arrive by email within 5 business days of successfully completing the PPFS exam.

IMPORTANT: If you are taking this course for knowledge or CECs and do not need a certification, you do not need to take the exam.  Please note that most insurance companies require a certification.


Register for online certification here now.

"It was very beneficial to be going through the course while my wife was in her first and second trimester with our first born. There were certainly great turning points in my learning when I could recognize course material in real life - real time. It was beautiful to be able to understand more what my wife was going through, and therefore, what my future potential clients will be going through. Thanks again, Fit 4 Two for the outstanding course!"

"This was a very useful and well-designed course. I was happy to have taken it right after the birth of my baby: it saved me from doing quite a few mistakes in terms of return to training. In fact, I wish I had taken it earlier when pregnant to prevent the worsening of my diastasis recti. I am a trainer who specializes in the needs of runners and am looking forward to help other running-mamas or mothers-to-be run and train in the most healthy way possible."

"I had a lot of fun with this course and am happy to have this certification now.  Very impressed with your manual!: Naomi K

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Abdominal Separation

"Thank you again for a truly fantastic and inspiring course! You are a true teacher, passionate and generous with your information!"

-Marianne G, PPFS Student