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What People Are Saying
About Fit 4 Two®

"The bootcamp kicked my butt in all the right ways in time for me to fit into pants that are acceptable to wear at the office when I return to work next week." - Kelly G, Winnipeg

"Some friends have even said I look more fit now than before my pregnancy! It doesn't hurt to hear that!"  - Dr. Cheryl Smits, Vancouver

"It's everything.  It's awesome.  It's multitasking at its finest." - Jen Walker, Winnipeg

"The AquaFit class was great! I like how Fit 4 Two has a different variety of classes." - Doreen H., Vancouver B.C.

Listen to Callie Camp, Fit 4 Two®Vancouver-East, talk about her experience as a Fit 4 Two® Franchisee.

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"Callie is very good about demonstrating various levels of each exercise so that everyone, regardless of her fitness and postpartum recovery level, can get a good workout. I feel totally confident under her supervision." 

-Sarah D, Vancouver

Fit 4 Two® is Baby Friendly