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Postnatal Fitness ONLINE

Who should join the Fit 4 Two® Online Postnatal Fitness Program?
This program is for all new mothers who want to:
  • Ease back into fitness safely and effectively
  • Keep up with the physical demands of parenting
  • Protect their mental and emotional health 
  • Be part of a healthy, positive, inclusive community
The Fit 4 Two® Online Postnatal Fitness Program is safe and beneficial for all new moms whom have been given the green light by their healthcare provider to ease back into fitness.  
For most vaginal births, we recommend waiting until your lochia is complete, infant feeding is established, and you are getting enough rest to enjoy the benefits of exercise. For cesarean births, we recommend waiting until you receive medical clearance at your 6-week post-operative check-up, infant feeding is established, and you feel rested enough to enjoy the benefits of exercise.  Either way, talk to your healthcare provider about the best time for YOU to ease back into an exercise program.
Abdominal Separation? Not only is this program safe for you to do, but you will learn what to do and what to avoid if you have a separation. 
When does the next program start?
September 2019
How long is this this program?
6 weeks.
When can I register?
Registration opens August 2019.
Who is the instructor?
Melanie Osmack is the founder and director of Fit 4 Two® Pre and Postnatal Fitness.  She is a certified fitness and yoga instructor, personal trainer, pre and postnatal fitness specialist, and trainer of trainers. When not helping her kids with homework or driving them to sports, you'll find Melanie teaching Fit 4 Two classes in her community and online.
How is the program delivered?
Our user-friendly online 'studio' allows you to access your materials at any time.  You can read them online, download them and even print them for your convenience.  Live videos and discussions take place on our private Facebook group and you can email online@fit4two.ca with questions at any time.
How much is the program and what is included?
Weekly Workouts – Handouts and videos
Weekly Pelvic Floor Routines – Handouts and audio recordings
Weekly Education – Handouts and videos
Instructor Support – Private Facebook Group
Peer Support – Private Facebook Group
What kind of equipment will I need?
A yoga mat, a resistance band, a shoelace or similar (Got you wondering don't we?), and 3-5lb dumbbells. To participate you’ll also need access to the internet and a Facebook account. We avoid using the babies as ‘equipment’ because we already use those muscles all day every day.  We are trying to strengthen the underused muscles to create balance and prevent injury.
What should I wear?
The great thing about working out at home is that you can wear whatever you like.  That said, you should be wearing a supportive sports bras and athletic shoes.  The workouts are NOT safe to do barefoot as we will be standing on our bands from time to time.  The band could slip out from under your bare feet and harm you or someone near you.  You could also drop a dumbbell on your toes.  Please stay safe by wearing appropriate footwear.
What will my baby be doing?
This will depend on when you chose to do your workout.  Some women do the program during nap time while others do it while baby is awake but content.  You might find it helpful to do the reading while feeding and then the workout after baby is fed. You’ll find what works for you.  And then that will change.  LOL.  Sorry.  Mom joke. 
How long are the workouts?
Most workouts are 30 minutes including warm up, strength training, core work and stretch.  We will give you guidance on how to incorporate safe cardiovascular exercise activities into your week. If baby needs you part way through a workout, that’s okay. Take a break and attend to your baby’s needs. The workouts can be done in parts.
I also have a toddler/preschooler at home.  Any suggestions?
I’m sure you have heard the analogy of putting your oxygen mask on first so that you can care for your loved ones.  This program is part of your oxygen mask.  If you need to a show on for your little mover so you can get in 30 minutes of self-care, that’s not just okay, it’s wise.  No mom guilt allowed.  Some moms prefer to do the program when their toddler/preschooler is napping or at a program. I used to do my workouts at the playground while my baby was in the stroller and my 3-year-old was playing. That took some serious multi-tasking skills but I made it work. 
What if I get behind/off track?
If this happens to you it means you are human.  Be kind to yourself and pick up where you left off.  You have the option of downloading all the handouts, audio and video in our online studio so that you can access it in the future.  The most important thing is to stay connected with your team in our private Facebook Group.  Social health is vital to mental health and staying connected will help you stay o track and get back on track faster. 
How do I register?
Registration opens August 2019.

To find out if this program is offered in your community please visit our locations page.