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Prenatal Fitness ONLINE 12 Weeks

This 12 week program is for pregnant women who...
  • want a healthier, happier and more comfortable pregnancy.
  • do not have access to community-based prenatal fitness and wellness programming.
  • do have access to community-based prenatal fitness programming but want to add at home workouts and accountability.
Our Online Prenatal Fitness program is safe and beneficial for all healthy pregnant women with normal pregnancies who have been given the green light by their healthcare provider to exercise during this pregnancy.  All trimesters and fitness levels are welcome.   Abdominal Separation? Not only is this program safe for you to do, but you will learn what to do and what to avoid if you have a separation.  
Is your due date less than 12 weeks away?  Check out our 6 week program.
Please read the full description here before registering

To find out if this program is offered in your community please visit our locations page.