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Distanced Small Group Personal Training-Postnatal

Train with your friends! 
This option includes an initial, private, individual, 30-minute consult with each small-group training member as well as access to our Pre or Postnatal Core Workshop (value $25).  We will provide you with a customized program for your small group and guide you through it during your training sessions.  For safety reasons, we require a minimum for 3 sessions with new clients.  Additional training sessions are available for $80/45 minutes 
30-minute consultation (individual)
Pre or Postnatal Core Workshop (group)
Three 45-minute personal training sessions (group)
$240/each one person
$204/each two people (save 15%)
$180/each three people (save 25%)
$156/each four people (save 35%)

To find out if this program is offered in your community please visit our locations page.