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Tummies 4 Mommies & Infant Massage Combo

This class combines two of our most popular class: Tummies 4 Mommies and Infant Massage!

First 30 Minutes
Retrain your mind-CORE connection after pregnancy and childbirth.  We will be using the latest research to help you improve CORE strength and flatten your tummy.  It is time to get strong from the inside out.  Not only will you look and feel better, but you will have the strength to tackle the everyday tasks of motherhood.  This class is suitable (and effective) for women with abdominal separation.  Pre-mobile babies only please.

Second 30 Minutes:
Connect with your baby through nurturing touch.  Infant massage helps baby sleep better, relaxes and soothes, aids digestion, contributes to development, encourages bonding & improves communication.  Research shows further benefits for babies with colic, eczema, babies with special needs and adoptive families.  Mats, oil & handouts are provided.  Please bring a blanket for baby.  This class is designed for pre-mobile babies.

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