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Fit 4 Two® Stroller Fitness Makes the Top Seven

The Vancouver Sun chose Fit 4 Two® Stroller Fitness as one of their top seven westcoast workouts!  Read more

Makeup Class Policy

All registrants in physically-distanced indoor and outdoor classes will have access to the following for making up missed classes:

1. Our private Fit 4 Two Online Facebook Group containing 48 archived videos from April-September 2020

2. A link to our current online classes via Zoom

A reminder that due to physical distancing, we cannot guarantee live make-up classes. 

If you want to try and do a live makeup class, join the Whats App for an outdoor class that is not on the same day(s) as yours.  You will be sent a link to join this group in your 'welcome to' email.  

  • Live makeup classes take place at our outdoor classes at Trout Lake, Kits, and Olympic VIllage only.  Makeup classes are not permitted at community centre-based classes due to COVID 19.
  • You can ‘pre make up’ a class if you know you are going to be away or make up a class after you miss it.
  • Scroll through recent posts to see if anyone is going to be away and offered up their spot..
  • You can also post on the group asking if anyone isn’t coming (include the day and date) and see if you can find a space. 
  • If you confirm with a mom that you can have her spot, please be very clear about it in the chat so the instructor sees it and knows who to expect. 
  • There are often last minute posts about not being able to make it, so if you cannot organize it ahead of time, check the morning of. 
  • If you are going to miss a class, please offer your spot up in your whats app group and follow through with a confirmation whenever possible. 
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"The (prenatal fitness) classes were actual workouts and Dee did not treat us like delicate flowers, which I loved." 

-Stacey Gosselin, Vancouver

Fit 4 Two® is Baby Friendly