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Fit 4 Instructor Training

List of Fit 4 Two® Presenters

Melanie Osmack, Fit 4 Two Founder & Director, Vancouver BC
Melanie Osmack is the founder of Fit 4 Two® Pre and Postnatal Fitness Inc.  She has trained hundreds of fitness instructors in this speciality and has been instrumental in the growth of the pre and postnatal fitness industry in Canada.  Melanie is a sought after resource, writer and speaker both nationally and locally.  Since her first love is teaching, you can still find Melanie teaching Fit 4 Two classes in her community. 

Tracy Gibbons, Fit 4 Two Surrey, South Surrey, White Rock, BC
Tracy has over 6 years experience in the pre and postnatal fitness industry.  She has presented workshops at both the local and conference level since 2005.   Tracy is an engaging orator who is often invited back by her hosts. 

Callie Camp, Fit 4 Two Vancouver East, BC
A past-presenter at the Fit 4 Two® annual conference and with momcafé, Callie regularly presents at many parent-infant groups to discuss perinatal fitness and demonstrate safe and effective exercise techniques through the following organizations: Vancouver Coastal Health, Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre, family centres and midwifery offices

Aileen Hunt, Fit 4 Two Winnipeg West, MB
Aileen is a pioneer in the pre and postnatal fitness industry in Winnipeg.  She has been with Fit 4 Two since 2009 and has presented at both the conference and local level.  The mom of twin boys, Aileen knows how to keep the attention of any group.

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"Thank you so much for the excellent course and useful information that I am already sharing with my pregnant or postpartum friends."

-Ema G., PPFS Student