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Fit 4 Instructor Training

Booking a Fit 4 Two® Presenter Overview

We have certified pre and postnatal fitness instructors across Canada who can be booked for presentations at fitness conferences, wellness conferences, health conferences, baby fairs and more in Canada, the USA and beyond.

Read these recent reviews of presenter Melanie Osmack who lead a workshop on prenatal yoga at the BC Assosication of Pregnancy Outreach Programs Conference.

100% strongly agreed that Melanie was prepared and had relevant knowledge and expertise.  98% strongly agreed that the workshop met their expectations.

"Amazing presentation!  Inspiring! Makes me want to offer prenatal yoga classes at my health centre!"

"Loved it!  Great information, simple and doable with a group."

"Hope you come back next year."

Melanie also regularly presents the PPFS In Class course with excellent reviews:

"I really enjoyed the course and Melanie's passion for the field. I was already interested in pre and postnatal fitness but her enthusiasm is contagious and I'm really excited to have gained some of her knowledge as I begin my career!"

"Fit 4 Two was a fun and engaging course. Melanie's knowledge and expertise are undeniable! I am excited to use what I learned throughout my pregnancy and to share it with those I teach."

Save money and time while showing your staff or delegates that you value their continued education. All of our our online workshops can be delivered live for your staff or event.  Check here for a full listing.

Time requirements: 30 minutes set up; 60 minutes workshop; 15 minutes Q & A
Technology requirements: LCD projector, LCD screen.
Presenter fee: $300.00 (based on 15km or less travel distance)

Looking to get your staff certified to teach pre and postnatal fitness classes?
Fit 4 Two® can bring the PPFS course to your facility. 

Time requirements: 16 hours (includes exam)
Technology requirements: LCD projector, LCD screen.
Presenter fee: $2000.00 (based on 15km or less travel distance)

Click here to set up your workshop today!

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Fit 4 Two® Conference
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"Thank you so much for the excellent course and useful information that I am already sharing with my pregnant or postpartum friends."

-Ema G., PPFS Student