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Acumamas, Greater Vancouver
Acubalance, Vancouver
Lily Zhu, Richmond 
Family Acupuncture Wellness Clinic, Wpg

Birth Preparation Classes
Dancing Star Birth (French & English), BC
Belly to Baby, BC
Lower Mainland Childbearing Society, BC
Birthing Buddies, BC
Baby Prep, BC
Cherish Childbirth Care, BC
Best Beginnings, Surrey, BC
BC Women's Hospital, Vancouver, BC
Douglas College, Various BC locations.
Baby Rush, Winnipeg
Bonjour Bebe, Winnipeg (services available in Fr)
Canadian First-Aid Training, Winnipeg 
Birthing from Within, Regina
Preparing for Parenting Prenatal Education, North Vancouver, BC
Birth Support
BC Doula Association, BC
Cherish Childbirth Care. BC
Dancing Star Birth, BC
Miracle of Birth Doula Services, BC
Tracy Armstrong Doula Services, Surrey, BC
Austen Brown at Dou-labor Your Way, Vancouver, BC
Birthroots Doula Collective, Winnipeg
Bonjour Bebe, Winnipeg
Manitoba Association for Childbirth and Family Education, Winnipeg
Bump to Baby Doula Nathalie Laramee, Winnipeg
Women's Health Clinic, Winnipeg
Natural Creation, Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary
Breastfeeding Support
Amelia Tavares, IBC Lactation Consultant at Bloom 604-299-0370, BC
Adar Birth Services 778-VIP-CARE (847-2273), BC
Sandra Yates, IBC Lactation Consultant 604-988-1284, BC
Linda Good, IBC Lactation Consultant 604-255-4943, BC
Renee Hefti-Graham, IBC Lactation Consultant 604-733-6359, BC
Shannon Joyce IBCLC, Mommy's Milk, BC
Dee Clarke, Breastfeeding Counsellor, BC
Vancouver Breastfeeding Clinic, BC
BC Women's Hospital, BC
La Leche League, Across Canada
Breastfeeding Support Centre, Regina
Breastfeeding Drop-in and Support, Winnipeg
Ronel Dreyer, RN, Lactation Consultant, Lower Mainland, BC
Dr. Stephanie Bonn at Coco Chiropractic Wellness, Vancouver
Dr. Ahren Roy, Vancouver
Dr. Giselle Chamberlain, Vancouver
Dr. Anne Stacey, North Shore
Impulse Chiropractic and Massage, Surrey
Longstaffe Chiropractic, Coquitlam
Dr. Carolyn Hiebert, Abbotsford/Mission
Dr. Sean Graham, Richmond
McLeod Chiropractors, Winnipeg
Two Rivers Chiropractic Centre, Winnipeg
Family First Chiropractic and Wellness, Winnipeg
Cloth Diapering
New and Green Baby Workshops / Retail
Happy Nappy Diaper Delivery / Washing Service
AMP Diaper Store, Winnipeg
Tiny Tree Hugger, Winnipeg

Counselors Specializing in Pre & Postnatal Services
Dr. Vanessa R. Lapointe R. Psych., Surrey, BC
Iona Monk, Vancouver, BC

Craniosacral Therapy
Acumamas, Greater Vancouver, BC
The Birch Tree, Ladner, BC

Dietitians (RD)
Melissa LeBlanc, Richmond
Elise Fairey, Feeding With Flair, Vancouver, BC
Fit 4 Two® Certified Infant Massage Instructors
Dee Clarke, Vancouver Westside
Jennifer Casey, New West
Melanie Osmack, Downtown Vancouver, False Creek
Marina Lundquist, Abbotsford/Mission
Aileen Hunt, Winnipeg
Healthcare Providers
Midwifery Association of BC, BC
Midwives in Vancouver, BC
Bloom Midwives, Vancouver
Pomegranate Community Midwives, Vancouver
Midwifery Group, Vancouver
Pacific Midwifery, Vancouver
The Family Practice Maternity Service, Vancouver
Noakes Community Maternity Clinic, Richmond, BC
Mission Midwifery, Abbotsford/Mission 
BC College of Physicians, BC
Midwifery Services, Manitoba Health
College of Midwives of Manitoba
The Birch Tree (Midwifery Services), Ladner, BC
Homebirth Supplies
Mama Goddess Birth Shop

Simple Life Therapy 604-215-5544, Vancouver
Hypnobirthing, White Rock, BC
Birth Bliss, Regina
Birth Roots, Winnipeg
Massage Therapists (RMTs)
Coco Chiropractic Wellness, Yaletown, Vancouver
Soma Massage Therapy, South Granville, Vancouver
Carina at Raincoast, Yaletown, Vancouver
Electra Health Floor, Downtown, Vancouver
Ocean Wellness, North Vancouver
Joy Massage Therapy, Vancouver 
Caroline McIntosh, Burnaby
Impulse Chiropractic and Massage, Surrey
Esposito Massage, Port Moody
Momentum Therapeutics, Coquitlam, BC
Bloom Family Wellness Centre, North Shore
Hannah Beard, RTM, Richmond, BC
Advance Massage Therapy, Regina
Equilibirum Massage and Wellness, Winnipeg
Momentum Massage, Winnipeg
Purely Massage, Winnipeg

Mothering Circles and Personal Growth
Dancing Star Birth, Vancouver, BC
The Return Journey, PDF Guide for the first few weeks as a family

Nursing and Sports Bras
Room For Two, Vancouver, BC
Lady Sport, Vancouver, BC
The Running Room, Across Canada
Stride Ahead, Winnipeg
Bump Maternity, Winnipeg

Glow Baby - journals, memory books and more

Parenting Education/Workshops
New and Green Baby
The Green Mother
Preparing for Parenting Prenatal Education, North Vancouver, BC

Personal Trainers Specializing in Pre/Postnatal
Melanie Osmack, Vancouver
Tracy Gibbons, Surrey, White Rock, Delta
Janella Griffiths, Vancouver
Nadyne Rousseau, North Shore
Pilar Lutsky, Vancouver

Physiotherapists Specializing in Pre/Postnatal
Dayan Physiotherapy, Vancouver
Trish Gipson, Envision Physiotherapy, Vancouver
Treloar Physiotherapy, Vancouver
Suzanne Robinson, Vancouver
Marcella Paoletti, Main St. Physiotherapy, Vancouver
Kate Kennedy, Main St. Physiotherapy, Vancouver
Synergy Physio, North Vancouver
Canopy Integrated Health, North Vancouver
Diane Lee, White Rock
Rhonda Cooper, Oakridge Physiotherapy, Vancouver
Lynda Lawrence, Burrard Physiotherpy, Vancouver
Nova Incontinence & Pelvic Pain Clinic, Winnipeg
Donna Sarna, Winnipeg
Cheryl Leia, Canopy Integrated Health, North Vancouver
Heather Laine, Flow Physiotherapy, North Vancouver
Marnie Giblin, Pivotal Health, North Vancouver

Kyla Baker Photography
Sandra Vander Shaaf Photography
Nancy Vaz Photography
Katrina Beveridge Photography
Kari Heese Photography
Jenn Di Spirito Photography, Vancouver
Bonjour Bebe, Winnipeg
Postpartum Support
Newborn Hotline 604-737-3737
Pacific Postpartum Support Society
Mother Me Postpartum Doulas
Parent Infant Drop-Ins, Vancouver

Reproductive Health & Medicine
Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine
Yinstill Reproductive Wellness

Research Studies Looking for Participants
Vitamin D in Pregnancy Study BC Women's Hospital, Vancouver, BC
Birth Experience Study UBC, Vancouver, BC
Fetal and Early Childhood Development Study BC Women's Hospital, Vancouver BC
Child Safety Professionals, BC
Kids in the Back - Car Seat Clinics

Travel with Baby
Wee Travel

3D Ultrasound (non medical)
My 3D Ultrasound, BC
Som Visao 3D Ultrasound, Vancouver, BC
WeePeek Mobile 3D and 4D Ultrasound, BC
Babymoon Ultrasound, Winnipeg
Instructor Training Start Your Franchise Programs Find a Class

"I absolutely LOVED your prenatal (aqua) classes!  So much fun, great workout, good people...I looked forward to Monday nights every week." 

- Lu Winters, Vancouver

Fit 4 Two® is Baby Friendly