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Diastasis Recti Workshop Saturday February 3, 2018

Saturday February 3 10:00am-12:00pm
1009 Expo Blvd, Vancouver B.C.
2 CECs

Did you know that most abdominal separations heal spontaneously and reach peak recovery around 8 weeks postpartum? Did you know that there is no research connecting diastasis recti to pelvic floor issues? Research on DR is a new field of study and we have so much to learn.  We need to remain open and focus on research-based information.

This workshop focuses on:

  • DRA research update
  • Best practices
  • How to check for DRA
  • 5 DRA-safe core routines
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Abdominal Separation

"Thank you so much for the excellent course and useful information that I am already sharing with my pregnant or postpartum friends."

-Ema G., PPFS Student