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Fit 4 Two® Personalized Services - FAQs

At Fit 4 Two, our focus is group classes.  This means that the availability of personalized services varies from location to location.  

How do I find a certified pre and postnatal personal trainer?

Please contact your local Fit 4 Two  They can connect you with a certified pre and postnatal personal trainer in your area.  

Where does the training take place?

Location will vary with each trainer. Some train out of facilities and some can come to your home. 


What qualifications should I be looking for?

Valid Personal Trainer Certificate
Valid Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certificate

How much does pre and postnatal personal training cost?

Current rates range from $60/100/hour

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"I love that you can attend to your baby and join back in when ready."

– Mom & Baby Fitness, Cloverdale

Fit 4 Two® is Baby Friendly