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Mobile baby or toddler?

Fit 4 Two® offers four mobile baby/tot friendly classes: Stroller FitnessMom & Baby Fitness, Parent & Tot Circuit and Mom & Baby AquaFit.

Postnatal Fitness FAQs

How soon can I ease back into fitness?
For vaginal births, the Society of Obstetricians and Gynocologists of Canada recommends you let fatigue be your guide.  At Fit 4 Two®, we also feel that your lochia (postpartum bleeding) should be finished and infant feeding established.

For casearean births, you should be at least 6 weeks postpartum, infant feeding should be established and you should have verbal medical clearance from your healthcare provider.

What will I be doing in class?
We offer a variety of class types. We recommend reading the class descriptions before registering.

What will my baby be doing during an INDOOR class?
Some babies will be asleep,  some will be content in their strollers, others will be stretching out on the mat and others might be in mom's arms/carrier.   Our mantra is happy mom = happy baby. We aim to use equipment rather than baby for resistance whenever possible because you need to strengthen the muscles that you do not use all day and lengthen the muscles that you do use all day.  However, if a baby needs to be physically incorporated, and there is a safe way to do that, we do that too.  Other ways we interact with the babies is through songs, chants and entertaining exercise drills.  Babies also love to look at the other moms and babes.

What will my baby/tot be doing during an OUTDOOR class?
Babies/tots enjoy the comfort of their strollers for the first 45 minutes of class. In keeping with the happy baby = happy mom theme, all classes include short intervals of stroller walking and baby/tot engaging drills.  Some moms bring their carriers in case they need to wear their babies.  When we move to the core and stretch segment (last 15 minutes), moms can chose to bring baby out to join her. Check out this helpful blog post about Your First Outdoor Class with Baby.

How does my baby benefit from Fit 4 Two® classes?
Aside from beneifiting from a healthy and happy mommy, there are baby-specific developmental benefits as well. Check them out on our blog.

What if my baby needs me during class?
The benefit of attending a Fit 4 Two® class is that you can attend to your baby's needs anytime during class.  It is common to see moms changing diapers or feeding their baby. 

What if my baby is fussy during class?
Our classes are a safe place for you and your baby.  If your baby has a high need day, listen to your instinct and do what you need to do.  Most women get 45-60 minutes of exercise/class and spend 0-15 minutes of class attending to their babies.

How do I register for a class?
Click on 'find a class' and choose your location.  Registration details can be found on the class schedule for the location you chose. New participants are welcome at anytime.  The facility will simply pro-rate the fees. Be sure to fill out your online intake form before your first class.

Can I try a class before registering?
If you are not sure about registering, feel free to drop-in.  If you register for the whole session immediately after class, your drop-in fee will be applied to your registration fees. If you drop-in, you still need to complete your online intake form before class.

Can I join after a start date?
Yes.  New participants are welcome at anytime.  The facility will simply pro-rate the fees. 

What should I wear/bring to indoor classes?
Proper athletic footwear is mandatory in all our fitness classes.  We also recommend investing in a well-fitting supportive sports bra.  Dress in comfortable layers and bring a water bottle. You'll want to bring your diaper bag with the usual supplies.

Why are indoor classes for pre-mobile babies only?
Safety.  We wouldn't want your mobile baby or tot to get trampled or hurt on a piece of equipment.  We also need to keep those newborns safe on the mat. Good options for mobile babes and tots are: Stroller Fitness and Stroller Bootcamp.  These classes take place in large gymnasiums, tracks or outdoor spaces so that power walking intervals can be included in the class format.  This helps babies and tots remain content in the stroller throughout class until the last 15 minutes when mobile babies are welcome to join mom on her mat for core and stretch. We have recently begun piloting a new program: Parent & Tot Circuit. Visit your local Fit 4 Two® page to see if it is being offered in your community. 

Can I attend indoor classes with my mobile baby or tot if they stay in the stroller/carrier etc. until the core and stretch segment?

Good question.  Some mobile babies are content in this way.  No one knows your baby better than you do. If you feel this will work, feel free to give it a try. 

How do you define 'mobile'?
A mobile baby can roll, creep, crawl or walk off their mat.  If your baby is just wiggling around on her own mat, she is welcome at class.

What should I wear/bring to outdoor classes?
Proper athletic footwear is mandatory in all our fitness classes.  We also recommend investing in a well-fitting supportive sports bra.  Dress in comfortable layers for the weather and bring a water bottle.

Do I need a special stroller for Stroller Fitness?
No.  You do not need a jogging stroller.  Based on the recommendations by Safe Kids Canada, we do not jog or run with babies in strollers during class.  Safe Kids Canada recommends waiting until a child is at least 12-months-old and can support a well-fitting helmet.

If you do not run with the strollers, what DO you do at Stroller Fitness?
Great question.  We do intervals of cardio drills, power walking and strength training.  This system has proven to keep women in their training zone and keep babies content. 

What is difference between your fitness classes and bootcamp classes?
Mom & Baby Fitness and Stroller Fitness are multi-level.  They are suitable for brand new moms as well as moms of tots. Mom & Baby Bootcamp and Stroller Bootcamp are for moms who have already eased back into fitness and who have been exercising regularly (cardio and strength training) for at least 6 weeks, be injury free and not have diastasis recti. Most women try a bootcamp style class once their baby is at least 4 months-old. 

What should I wear/bring to Mom & Baby AquaFit?
Most women wear a swim suit with a sports bra underneath for added support.  Babies must be in an official swim diaper.  Bring 2 towels, a lock and all of your baby needs.

Do I need to know how to swim well to go to aquafitness?
No, but you should be comfortable in chest height water or using a floatation device in deep water.  Aqua Fitness is also referred to as vertical aquatic training.  It is not a swimming class.  For your safety, a life guard is always present. 

Why don't you offer all your class types at all your locations?
The classes we offer at each location depend on facility availabilty, instructor certifications, instructor availabilty and community demand.  If you would like to see a certain class type in your community, please let us know via info@fit4two.ca

What if I miss a class?
Each facility has its own make-up class policy.  Please see your local Fit 4 Two® page for more information.   

What is your refund policy?
Each facility has its own make-up class policy.  Please see your local Fit 4 Two® page for more information.



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“Melanie has such a welcoming personality and a great energy about her. During her classes we get a great work out while laughing and learning a lot. Every class is different and Melanie regularly shares new information. She always encourages us to work at our own rate and to listen to our bodies. Melanie makes working out fun!”

-Erica S. Vancouver B.C.

Fit 4 Two® is Baby Friendly