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Are you looking for online pre and postnatal fitness specialist (PPFS) training? Visit the Instructor Training section for Fit 4 Two® courses, workshops and more.

Looking for a resistance band for class?  Fit 4 Two chooses Rip Cords Resistance bands for all our classes.  We love the ergonomic handles and level of resistance that one cannot find in most retail stores.  The links below will take you to the Astone Fitness Online Store where you can place your order and they will ship within 48 hours. The most commonly puchased band for our classes is red. 

Green Rip Cord

Red Rip Cord (most common)

Blue Rip Cord

No items here.

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"Some friends have even said I look more fit now than before my pregnancy! It doesn't hurt to hear that!"  Dr. Cheryl Smits, Vancouver

Fit 4 Two® is Baby Friendly