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Prevent Back Pain

Doing core exercises during and after pregnancy can help to prevent and manage lower back discomfort.

6 Reasons Why You Should Attend the Fit 4 Two® Conference

Meet Influencers
It's not every day that you get to meet industry leaders in person.  Make the most of this unique opportunity to meet  and build relationships with change-makers in perinatal fitness and wellness.

Build your network
Meet fitness professionals looking for your services.  Connect with allied healthcare providers who want to know more about your perinatal fitness or yoga services. Conferences are the ideal environment to get your needs met and discover new opportunities.

Sharpen Your Saw
Stephan Covey lists "sharpen your saw" as the 7th habit of highly effective people for a reason.  Even the most seasoned perinatal fitness and wellness professional will benefit from stepping outside their day-to-day routine to learn new things. 

The Energy is Contagious
Spending your day learning, sharing and connecting with like-minded individuals is invigorating! Not only will you share the same passions but you are connected by your desire to better yourselves.

Rock your Monday
Our presenters will give you information and tips that you can apply with your clients right away.

Earn Valuable CECs
If you need to earn CECs to maintain your registration or satisfy your insurer, make them count.  Choose a conference that is specific to your needs to inspires you in a new direction. 



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"Not only did I meet great women and get to spend time with my daughter, Dee was supportive and inspiring in ways that I had never expected."

-Zahra Rasul, Vancouver

Fit 4 Two® is Baby Friendly